Coaching Details and Pricing

Put simply, DarkHorse313 Coaching is a science-based, service-oriented, custom, balanced approach that meets athletes where they currently are, and teaches athletes the sport along the journey to reaching their potential and enjoying sport.

We offer one "kind" or "level" of Coaching Service that is versatile in its ability to equally serve and meet the needs of beginners as well as the most advanced Elite Amateurs.

With 8+ years of professional racing experience, 15+ years of coaching experience, vast amounts of technical and sport-specific knowledge, and 6 years of prior teaching experience, DH313 Coaching has the capacity to take you from novice to pro, and mentor you every step of the way.

Read about Coaching "Fit" here.

Read about our Methodology and Focus here.  

DH313 Coaching Details and Pricing

Personal Triathlon and Single Sport coaching

Coaching w/ Kirk = $250/month for Triathlon/Multisport, $175/month for Single Sport

Coaching w/ Charity (ladies/youth only) = $150/month for Triathlon/Multisport, $125/month for Single Sport

Youth/Student Coaching w/ Kirk or Charity (Ages 5 - 18 ONLY) =  $150/ month Triathlon/Multisport, $125 for Single Sport

Includes: Custom Training plan, pacing/power/HR zones, weekly communication via phone/text/email, Race/Test file analysis, semimonthly adjustments if necessary,  quarterly video analysis of swim and run, weekly group training options for St. George area locals, 15% discounts on DH313 Camps/Clinics, 25% off DH313 Swimming Membership

(Additional, 1-1 coached training sessions available for local and visiting athletes at a rate of $40/hour for Standard Coaching Clients)

**Coaching Service**                                              Frequency/Rate  

Swim Video analysis --                                             included (1 quarterly)  

Run Video analysis --                                                included (1 quarterly)   

email/text/phone communication --                              included (weekly)  

Power/Pace/HR File Analysis --                        included (race, Test, and race rehearsals)

Road/Tri Bike Fit --                                                              $100  

1-1 Coached Sessions --                                                      $40/hr  

Training Camps --                                                              15% off  

Coaching Clinics --                                                            25% off  

Adjustments --                                                              semimonthly  

DH313 Swimming Membership --                                   25% off  

DH313 Sponsor Discounts --                                  varies (see below)

**(Applies to athletes on Coaching plan.  To see regular, a-la-carte service rates, click here)**

Completely personalized training program:  We take the time to get to know you as an athlete. Then, we create a program that addresses your specific weaknesses and strengths, taking into account your racing goals, available training time, life/work/social schedules, athletic background, morphology, experience, and fitness levels.

Personalized instruction on mechanics, efficiency, and technique:  At DarkHorse313 Coaching, we pride ourselves on being "masters of mechanics."  Whether a local or remote athlete we take the necessary measures to help develop better technique leading to increased efficiency and faster times.

Scientific, numbers-based approach: We LOVE numbers. In fact, we have a degree in them.  Numbers turn the subjective into objective, taking the guess-work out of training intensities and race goals.  We are fluent in power and pacing, and we know how to take your data and translate it into simple-to-understand training zones as well as effective race game-plans that allow you to race to your potential by pacing properly.

Down in the Details -- Getting the seemingly small-things right: If you want to excel at anything in life, you need to get the small things right.  Bike position tweaks, hourly electrolyte intake, gluten or no gluten?, recovery, tapering, cleat placement.  There are so many details in triathlon, how do you keep track of them all?  All of those seemingly small details add up, and getting them right is what it takes to be your best.  We are teachers at heart with the gift of instruction.  

Tried-and-true Pro Tips: With 8 years-and-counting of professional racing experience, some of the most valued coaching advice comes from Kirk's training and racing experience at the top-level. 

Read about Coaching "Fit" here.

Read about our Methodology and Focus here. 

DarkHorse313 Coaching Discounts!
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In a nutshell, this is what you can expect from DarkHorse313 Coaching:
- friendly service, Big Bang for your Coaching Buck, a commitment to helping you achieve your goals, top-notch personalized instruction, training and racing methods with proven results.

Contact us to schedule a free phone consultation and get the ball rolling on achieving your upcoming racing goals!