Maia Austin places 2nd overall in trail race!

Our youngest athlete, 15-yr old Maia Austin recently placed 2nd overall at an off-road trail run.

Congrats Maia - you're an animal!


Maia Austin St. George Sprint Triathlon Race Report

Well Done Maia!  1st in Age-Group and 6th overall.  And she's only 14 Years old!!

This was a really good race! Out of the ten triathlons I’ve done this one was my favorite. I was really happy that you guys (Kirk and Charity) got to watch and cheer me on!
Pre Race
I got to the race venue about an hour and a half before start time, giving me time to set up my transition area, pump up my tires, and get my wetsuit on and head down to the swim start. 
My wave started at around 9:30 AM, so it was already starting to get hot.  I couldn’t wait to get in the water because I was burning up in my wetsuit. 
 I started the swim towards the front in the middle, and found a landmark to help me sight the first turn buoy. The swim course was an elongated rectangle with two turn buoys, so I figured that I would easily be able to stay on course. 
I started the swim out strong and was one of the people in front. After the first and second turn buoys, I just focused on heading straight for the finish arch. I started to notice a couple people who were ahead of me swim off course, heading towards a third buoy which was way towards the side, and wasn’t mentioned in either the course map, or by the race official who briefed us on the course just before the swim start. After all, if we were required to go around that buoy, the course wouldn’t be a rectangle anymore! So I just kept focusing on swimming straight towards the swim finish. I was doing really good, until a kayaker completely cut me off and told me I had to go around the buoy! Since I knew I was going the right way, I just swam around her kayak and kept swimming straight towards the finish arch, hoping no one else would get in my way. Thankfully, the rest of my swim was uninterrupted, and I finished 750 meter course in 12:26, and was third out of the water.


Swim Pacing Tip: Descending Sets

At our DH313 Swimming workouts we often use Descend Sets to teach swimmers how to change gears and better pace themselves.  A "Descending" set consists of multiple repetitions, typically 3 or more, of a specified distance, with the goal of making each successive repetition faster than the previous.  For example, 4x100 Descend on 1:50 send-off interval.
A well-executed Descending set might look like this:
#1 is swum in 1:39, giving 11s rest before starting #2.
#2 swum in 1:37, giving 13s rest.
#3 in 1:34
#4 in 1:30

Often, swimmers struggle to make a decisive increase in speed from #1:
#1 in 1:37
#2 in 1:38


DH313 Cycling Gear is in!

The Custom DarkHorse313 Cycling apparel is now in.  With the triathlon gear arriving 3 weeks ago, now everything is in!
Tri Top and Tri Shorts

Pricing list:

Cycling SLEEVELESS Jersey -- $61 

Cycling short-sleeved Jersey -- $75

Cycling Long-sleeved Jersey -- $85

Cycling BIB shorts -- $84

Cycling (non-bib) Shorts -- $79

Cycling BIB KNICKERS -- $93

Cycling (non-bib) KNICKERS -- $88

Cycling Arm Warmers (unisex sizing) -- $30

Cycling Knee Warmers (unisex sizing) -- $30

Triathlon Jersey TOP -- $54

Triathlon SHORTS -- $57

Triathlon 1-Piece Uniform -- $97

1 item = $4
2 items = $7
3 items = $9
4+ items = $10
(Local Pick-up is Free)

6.25% for Utah Residents

Remaining Quantities are limited.  First come, first-served.

If you are interested in purchasing or ordering any gear, please email info at dh313 dot com or call 435-319-O011

Click the pic to enlarge.  Pics of Cycling gear to be added soon.
Tri Top/short L side


DH313 Athletes strong May 18 - 19

In action, we had a total of 6 athletes racing the weekend of May 18 - 19:

15 yr old Maia Austin placed 6th overall and 1st in her age group at the St. George Sprint Triathlon!
This continues Maia's Age-group winning streak and high overall placings from the Havasu and Rage Sprint Triathlons from March and April of this spring.

Shem Foster entered the St. George OLY Tri feeling under the weather but still raced super hard and placed 20th overall and 3rd in the Male OPEN division.  Shem was coming off a solid St. George 70.3 race just 2 weeks earlier where he just missed the 5-hour mark on the incredibly challenging St. George 70.3 Course.

Claudia Sabedra raced the always hot and muggy Florida 70.3 and had a solid race despite overly warm water temps and hot conditions on the run course.  She had a strong performance on the ride to build on for her next race, IM Arizona 2013.

Ryan Clift raced in the Elite-Open division at Got the Nerve Sprint Triathlon in Mt. Gretna, PA.  The course features a very hilly bike with 1121 feet of climbing in a span of only 15.6 miles!
Ryan improved his time from last year by a whopping 7 minutes, and placed 7th overall in the Elite Class.  His finish time of 1:14:07 was less than 3 minutes off the winning time of 1:11:15

Nice Work Ryan!

In addition, we had two of our favorite DH313 Swim Club members in action at the St. George Sprint Triathlon.  Mike Abele and Eric Simonsen had strong performances on the day, crossing the finish line with a smile!

Well done this weekend everyone!

DH313 Coaches